Maint3D in Close-Up

Maint3D is a remarkable application for viewing 3D models offline on your iOS and Android devices.

  • Powerful processing

    Native 3D files from PC - even large ones - can be opened on mobile.

  • Support for Multiple Formats

    Maint3D supports .ifc, .dae, .stl, .3ds, .kmz, .obj and .f3d formats.

  • A Dynamic Model With You Everywhere You Go

    Zoom, rotate, clip, hide elements – Maint3D lets you examine 3D models wherever you are, something that isn’t possible with printed images.

  • Not Just a Viewer, but a Tool

    Maint3D is the most feature-packed mobile viewer on the market. For example, you can take measurements right inside a model. Maint3D supports both metric and Imperial/US units.

The Most Versatile Mobile Viewer Available

Maint3D is filled with amazing features that make it very useful and easy to use. Here are some of them.

Combine Models

With Maint3D, it is possible to combine several models into a single view. This is handy if your model consists of many parts or if you want to compare two different models.


With the clip function you can make cuts in the model. All the parts of the model on the opposite side of the cut will be hidden. You can make up to 8 cuts at a time.


You can measure distances within the model. The measure function is smart and can grab points on corners and edges. It also offers indicators for both parallel and perpendicular distances.


You can move inside a model as if you were taking a walk. By double tapping the model in walk-mode you can move the camera to the position of your choice.

Object Visibility Groups

You can select which parts of a model you want to turn on or off. The list contains all the groups found in the model, such as walls and floors, as well as groups connected to the program itself like shadows, clip handles and measurements.


Look for objects according to their properties. You can search, for example, for stairs. This turns all other objects transparent.

3D mobile viewer for Facilities and Operations Maintenance in Your Pocket

Increase the value of buildings with a 3D mobile viewer made for Facilities Management. All building information is readily available, "in-your-pocket" and the simple user interface does not require an engineer's degree to operate.

Reduce cost with fast collaboration and better understanding of business status, i.e., visualize building automation data in color on the 3D model (temperature, energy, space usage, alarms, etc.)

Link maintenance documentation to relevant locations within the 3D model to make them easily accessible to maintenance personnel, reducing the need for extensive IT system training.

How is this possible? Maint3D can smoothly handle very large 3D models (> 2 GB) on mobile devices and PC browsers, opening up value-adding usage of the models as communication media. An embeddable API allows control of the viewer on mobiles and in PC-browsers to visualize backend system data, in 3D.

Maint3D in Action

Here are a few sample shots of what Maint3D looks like on your phone. For example, you can examine a whole building from the outside or zoom into the smallest details of a floor plan.

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